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Naturopath and writer, born in Florence, for many years he has been studying subjects related to natural wellbeing and spirituality.

After a university degree in English Language and Literature he has attended several courses in naturopathy at the SIMO. Scuola Italiana di Medicina Olistica (Italian School of Holistic Medicine) and at some other institutions. He has particularly researched such fields as dowsing, kinesiological testing, chakra analysis and rebalancing, hand and foot reflexology, crystals, flower remedies, essential oils, vibrational waters, Tibetan singing bowls.

He studied ayurvedic remedies under the guidance of Gino Veronesi, at the Erboristeria Ambrosia in Florence.

He is a reiki master according to the traditional Usui system. He has created a personal method of pranic energy, also using 5 symbols coming from ancient cultures (Egypt, Greece, India). He writes books and holds courses and consultations in various disciplines.

He is a trainer holistic operator accredited by S.I.A.F. Società Italiana Armonizzatori Familiari, Counselor, Counselor Olistici e Operatori Olistici (Italian Society of Family Harmonizers, Counselors and Holistic Operators).

He published various books with different publishers.

He teaches at the Scuola di Naturopatia e Tuina Panakeia in Florence.

He is the manager of the band Fratelli Stellari and of the discographic label Pleyad Studios.


Courses and consultations

These are held in Florence and in other Italian towns.

Courses calendar

To attend the courses is not necessary a preliminary knowledge of the subject, because each class begins from the basic level. Students receive a fascicle with numerous information about the arguments of the course; at the end they will be given a participation certificate.
Pranic energy. Through the hands it is possible to intervene on numerous imbalances simply channelling the beneficial Earth's frequency (7.82 hertz). Thus the aura and the chakras can be treated. Some ancient symbols are used to enhance the treatment: these 5 symbols come from important civilizations of the past such as Egypt, Greece and India.

A thermic sensor working with infrared rays and a laser-light pointer is used to verify the pranic emission of each hand. Through this device we measure the temperature of the palms, in two sessions: first in normal conditions and after in conditions of mental concentration. In this way it is possible to see if there is an increase of heat, which is always associated with pranic energy. If the increase of heat is considerable, the person receives a certificate of pranic emission.

Dowsing. Using a pendulum and a dowsing rod (also called "biotensor") it is possible to obtain various information, for example:

- Compatibility of substances, food and remedies with a person;

- Answers to various questions through specific charts;

- Geopathic areas (Earth points with bad energy) at home and outside;

- Searching for lost or hidden objects;

- Analysis of chakras and body parts.

Kinesiological testing. These tests are made through the person muscles: fingers, arms and legs. They are very useful and reliable for discovering the compatibility of substances, food, remedies and for analysing body energies.

Finding out your spirit guides and your past lives through kinesiological testing. The method of kinesiological testing is used to discover number, names and characteristics of personal spirit guides, as well as various information about someone's past lives.

Tibetan singing bowls. This subject is both a kind of treatment and a course. The Tibetan singing bowls and their characteristics. The effects produced by different sounds. Bowls of various kind and the tools to play them. The tuner to identify the notes emitted by the bowls. Methods of percussion, use for meditation, relaxation, chakra rebalancing, self-treatments. The use of essential oil and crystals to enhance the treatment. Practical exercises, both for a group of people, couples and individual.

Chakra analysis and rebalancing. The 7 major chakras and the 21 minors can be studied through dowsing and kinesiological tests so as to understand the characteristics of a person. After the analysis it is possible to find the most appropriate remedies for rebalancing the chakras: pranic energy, Tibetan singing bowls, essential oils, crystals and vibrational waters. These remedies can be used at home or during a special session where each chakra is treated properly while the person relaxes.

Essential oils. Extracted from herbs and plants, essential oils are natural aromatic remedies which can be used in different ways: massage, direct inhalation, ambient diffusion, bath and on the chakras. Beauty products can also be prepared.
The fragrance and composition of each oil work on mind and body imbalances. There are specific oils for a lot of situations: emotional problems, mental weariness, love pain and so on. The best oils are those produced by Primavera: in Italy this trademark is owned by Flora, a firm in Lorenzana (Pisa).

Crystals. The vibrational properties of crystals are well known since ancient cultures. Crystals and minerals can be used during meditation, to harmonize a room, on the body and particularly on the chakras during a relaxation session. Through dowsing or kinesiologic tests it is possible to choose the proper crystals for each person.